Whelping Box’s

Made to Measure

For many years I have made whelping boxes for my German Shepherd breeder friends, as they last for many litters I have been recommended to their friends from other breeds.

I have a range of purpose made to measure whelping  boxes for people to buy.

  • Plastic  Floor
  • Plastic Pig Rails
  • Plastic Sliding Door
  • Solid 16mm Plastic Materials

All PVC Whelping Box (900mm X 1,000mm

All PVC Whelping Box (900mm X 1,000mm)


Pig Rails

Pig Rails to keep the puppies safe from the bitch rolling onto the puppies.

Pig Rails

It is so important to have pig rails installed especially with a maiden bitch, as they can easily roll onto a puppy and suffocate it. Hence why it’s important to have it big enough for the bitch to lay down.

Whelping Box in process

Whelping Box in process

Our Delux quality whelping boxes will be designed to your requirement, mainly made from PVC so they are maintenance free.

The boxes must be large enough for the bitch to lay down in without being cramped.

So from nose to tail is ideal.

Sliding Doors

With having a bitch in whelp, it is useful to have a sliding door which can be slipped back in to prevent the puppies from escaping.

 Prices range from £150 to £450 depending on size and requirements.