Feeding Your Dog

Feeding your dog the right food and a balanced diet is most important.

Many German shepherd owners will feed their dog’s RAW food as if they were in the wild. Raw is so much better than the canned type products you can buy.
Feeding them a balanced diet of RAW which comprises of Chicken Wings, Chicken Carcasses, and Chicken Necks. This forms the main part of the diet. We also give green tripe, oily fish, rabbit, venison, pheasant, best minced beef, lamb, chicken mince and small amounts of liver, kidney and heart. The dogs also have free access to raw meaty pork bones and meaty lamb bones.
From three weeks of age out puppies are fed mince ensuring from the first mouthful our babies get the very best and we know exactly what they are eating.

If we look at what the dog is passing you can tell if they are getting too much of bone content or not enough i.e.
White poo = too much bone content. Black poo = too much organ. Yellow poo can often be when fed chicken and if too runny feed more bone content.

Most suppliers of RAW dog food will list what is in the food. i.e.
Ingredients: Chicken 70%. Salmon 20%. Heart and Liver. 10% bone.
Typical Analysis: Protein 13%. Oil 9%. Moisture 73%. Rich in Omega 3 and 6

You will be surprised as to how little food your dog needs being fed on a raw diet. I own German Shepherd Dogs and they eat between 800g and 1kg of food a day based on their body weight. The following are the guidelines I use for how much percentage of our dogs body weight we feed.
2% if your dog is over weight
2.5% – 3% to maintain present weight
Feed more percentage to fatten a skinny dog
Puppies may require up to 10% of body weight