Buying Puppies

Before buying a puppy or any dog please ask yourself the following question:

* German Shepherds need a lot of looking after so are you prepared for the serious responsibility of this lifelong commitment?
* A German shepherd requires a lot of space – is your home big enough?
* Attention! Will there be someone home during the day or can you make regular visits home to attend to your puppy/dog?
* Dog food and vets bills are a regular cost – can you afford this?
* Is everyone in the home keen for a dog to join the family?
* Are you absolutely certain that a German Shepherd is the breed for you?

The choice of puppy should be thought about and not made in haste, take your time as this is a long term commitment for you, your family and your puppy.

Research the breed, the breeder and take your time over the decision. Be prepared to wait for the right puppy, you may have to go on a breeders waiting list wait for the right puppy to come along. Show puppies temperaments are beautiful and worth investing in whether you want to show your puppy or have it as a family pet.

Jamniska Bina

Visiting the breeder.

Breeders can be large or small but first and foremost when you visit the breeder look at the visible signs and conditions the puppies are in.

A decent breeder will keep a clean kennel and won’t allow the poo to hang around. Puppies are continuously messy yes but a well-kept kennel speaks volumes.

Always wherever possible meet the mother of the puppies. She should be placid and have a great temperament. If the mother shows signs of aggression then there’s a good chance the puppies no matter how well brought up will have a possible streak to it. Yes sometimes a mother will be protective but she should be used to the puppies being handled by around three weeks by different people.

If you take your child to see the puppies I know they will be excited but please make sure they are well behaved and supervised around both the adults and puppies. Do the puppies and adults interact well with your children?

Most breeders will give you a health guarantee, usually for 72 hours in order for you to take the pup to your vet. If your vet finds a serious problem that the pup had upon delivery from the breeder, you should be entitled to a full refund of your purchase price upon return of the pup.