About Us


My name is Tim Gray and I have owned and bred German Shepherds all my life.

Before I was born my family had a Shepherd called Kim and I went on from there to choose my own German Shepherd called Sadie when I was seven.

In 1987 we bred our show dog called Rex from a litter of thirteen who was reasonably successful in little shows, but it was a start.

I bought my first show dog from Margaret Davies in February 2004. Trigram Gisela. She was a beautiful well-bred German Shepherd from German lines.

In October 2013 I bought Bina (Jamniska Bina) from a breeder in Bolton. Her pedigree is superb with champions going back over generations.


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Jamniska Bina was shown many times during the first year winning three good quality dog shows and many second and third places making her fourth overall in her first year of showing in the Breed Councils Top Ten for 2014.

German Shepherds are more than a passion for me and have been a way of life for me.

Having (Jamniska Bina) such a special dog come into my life, I decided she was perfect for my foundation bitch.

For a year I searched and searched pedigrees and studied what show dogs were available and what suited Bina.

Along came Calle Vom Westervenn to training one night and he tried his luck with Bina and got rejected. But as time went on and I studied him and his temperament it became clear he was the perfect mate for Bina.

This brings us up to date with Bina’s first litter due on the 22nd July 2015.